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The presenter Sarang was amazing throughout the Studio Lighting workshop. Excellent presentation and energy. Lots of hands on practice. Special thanks to Lalit sir for wonderful organisation! Bravo!

Attended two days of post-processing workshop by Lalit Deshmukh and Snehal Joshi-Kulkarni. It didn't feel like I was attending a workshop. It's been a long time when I was looking at the picture posted over the internet and I was feeling like I'm missing something in my pictures. That missing thing was post-processing of the photo. The seminar didn't teach me great stuff to make my picture fancy, but to make it alive. It taught me to make it real. We(I used to be one of the people till yesterday) often tend to think that anyone can edit the picture by watching it over the internet. Well, you are right. Anyone can. One thing we are missing here is WORKFLOW and other basic things why we are doing what we are doing. Because every picture is unique and it has a different workflow. The seminar taught me the workflow. WYLIWYP - What You Learn Is What You Practice. Had a great time learning the workflow and hands-on with it at the same time. One of the productive workshop I have ever attended.