Terms & Conditions

(We = Impressions Photography Workshops & Expeditions Mentors, You = Participants)

Tour cost Includes:

  1. Daily Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner during the tour.
  2. Stay [ Hotel/Tent/Cabins ] at the planned destination.
  3. Necessary permits.
  4. Entry tickets.
  5. Photography guidance (Guidance, Technical Help on the field., Session on Editing/Critiquing)
  6. Post-tour session in Pune (You can attend online)
  7. First AID.

Tour Cost Excludes:

  1. All travel from your home to tour location 
  2. Personal expenses – Food / Travel / Purchases.
  3. Bottled water, soft drinks, Any alcoholic beverages
  4. Camera and lens fees
  5. Any food during travel.
  6. Return travel from tour location to your home.
  7. Medical expenses.
  8. Medical / travel insurance.
  9. Personal losses – including baggage, personal articles, etc.
  10. Unforeseen expenses due to situations including road closures/adverse weather/costs incurred due to personal health issues
  11. Anything that is not mentioned in the includes list.
  12. Tips


  1. Stay: There will be double occupancy in all Hotel/ Bamboo huts/ Tents, etc
    The occasional third occupant is rare yet a possibility and hence in such case, separate bedding will be arranged. If you choose a special occupancy (e.g. single occupancy, male / female only partners), your cost could be more and will depend on the availability at the location.
  2. Food: Tour Fee Includes Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
    Extra tea/coffee/beverages will be purchased by the individual participants as and when needed.
  3. Special Purchases: Tour cost does not include special purchases in terms of items or service. We will cooperate with those who like to go for it.
  4. Personal orders at hotels are to be paid, by the participant directly with hotel management.
  5. We carry water bottles inside our vehicle. We also request you to refill them or your own bottle from hotels in Ladakh. The water is safe from most places. By keeping the usage of plastic water bottles we also reduce the impact of plastic garbage in such pristine areas.


  1. Participants should keep a buffer for before and after tour travel and make their personal travel arrangements accordingly. IMPRESSIONS Photography Tour Guides are not liable for any losses from participant’s personal travel issues. We will make every effort to ensure the safety and convenience of the participants.
  2. Schedules for certain times are fixed (unless unforeseen situations). Please abide by them.
  3. Travel delays can be caused by unforeseen events that included but not limited to landslides, avalanches, earthquakes, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, fuel shortages,s or medical attention. Please know that we will make every effort to ensure that participants reach the destination point in time, so the participant can catch their connections. Be aware that, any expenses arising due to inability to do so or the costs due to revising the plan like the causes mentioned above, would have to bear by the participants. We suggest you select travel insurance for the said time duration.


  1. We ensure maximum care and protection while traveling in the post-COVID scenario. We certainly think we have to be extra careful and follow rules and regulations. Please consult your general physician or doctor before you make this decision. Please note that if you have a fever or any symptoms of Coronavirus, do not join the tour and rest at home.

***We advise all guests to carry their own Masks and Sanitizer.***

  1. We will provide safety instructions from time to time. We request you to cooperate with the leaders.
  2. You are aware that mistakes or mishaps could result in serious loss or injury or can be fatal, hence we advise extra caution. We also request you must follow the guidance.
  3. ESPECIALLY FOR WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS: Please be aware that getting down from the gypsy inside the jungle except for certain designated areas, is strictly prohibited according to the forest laws. Any activity included but not limited to littering (throwing trash, articles in the jungle), smoking is prohibited. If any issues arise because of such activity by the participants, involved participants are fully responsible to pay for any losses or damage.
  4. HIGH ALTITUDE PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS: Please talk with your physician and expert, about your ability to do any activities. There can be easy to medium level of trekking involved. If you plan for river rafting then some disqualifying fitness conditions can be  Pregnancy, epilepsy, asthma.
  5. Kindly be informed about every adventure activity you try to do at Leh. Please note that since this is a Photography Tour, even if you are fit to do any of these, the priority will be given to the photography-related activities.
  6. We will provide first aid in case of an injury. Any other medical expenses are the participant’s responsibility.
  7. Medical & Travel Insurance: It is advisable to carry Medical and Travel insurance on this tour though it is not mandatory.
  8. Participants are requested to take care of their own belongings. We are not liable for theft, robbery of valuables, camera gear, etc at all places including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, trains, vehicles. Travel insurance can be purchased from your personal insurance provider.

Unexpected Situations:

  1. In case of severe weather in certain areas tour guides will alter the schedule for the safety of participants and photographic opportunities.
  2. During events like road closures, accidents, vehicle breakdown, weather, health conditions, we may require to make necessary changes in such situations which may alter the tour itinerary and we will make the best possible decisions.
  3. In the case of hotel issues, we will try to find alternatives. Participants are expected to cooperate.
  4. Schedules for certain times are fixed (unless unforeseen situations). Please abide by them.
  5. Cancellation of the entire tour because of climatic problems or political unrest is remotely possible. In such conditions, we will make every attempt to recover and refund participants’ payments. Because of the prior advance payments, it is possible that 100% of payments may not be recovered. However, we will keep the participants’ and business losses to a minimum. Participants’ personal transport/stay booking payments are participants’ personal responsibility and Impressions photography will not be involved in recovering or refunding it.
  6. Participants travel with the team in the transport arranged by Impressions and not make any special arrangements. This will help us avoid any delays, confusion, problems. It is entirely the participant’s responsibility for any consequences after this instruction is ignored. Any deviation from the planned tour is not acceptable, if disagreed by the organizers, and consent of deviation or abandonment is implied


  1. ESPECIALLY FOR high altitude TOURS LIKE LADAKH/SPITI: Acute Mountain Sickness and Edema: Please be aware that we are traveling in the high altitude region. Acute mountain sickness is a condition that can occur to any individual traveling at high altitudes. This is due to the lower oxygen content in the air. It may cause headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, or vomiting. Please learn about AMS from reliable sources. You can get an idea from here: https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/altitude-sickness Pulmonary Edema or Cerebral Edema are serious conditions and may be fatal. Drinking water, keeping physical activity limited, Diamox tablets helps until our body is acclimatized to such conditions and you are requested to follow the instructions especially at high altitudes. Our tour is arranged to help you acclimatize step by step. 
  2. Medical Condition: Please consult your family physician. Give them an idea about this tour and the activities that you may be doing. If you plan to do any adventure activity, you must be aware of your own physical condition, and your ability to do so is verified by the physician. You are fully responsible for any mishaps during such activities. 
  3. Please state known medical problems if any and urgent medicine that you are carrying. (Along with consent form).  
  4. Medical Assistance:  We carry the most common first-aid medicines for headache, nausea, Diamox, upset stomach, minor burns, minor sprain, cuts, and bruises, etc. Any expenses incurred from medical expenses or related services for medical assistance, medical evacuation [including helicopter assistance] will be bared by the participants. We request that all participants are aware of their own medical policy and coverage, of which the copy is provided to the leaders, in case it is needed during any medical emergency.
  5. All participants are requested to provide two separate emergency contact details.
  6. All participants are supposed to obtain a medical fitness certificate.
  • 2D Echo Test  – Participants are advised to get done the 2D Echo Test from the Lab of their choice. We can help you with the Lab suggestions.

Ground Rules:

  1. Please be considerate to fellow participants. Help each other during the outdoor, indoor sessions as well as stay and travel. We encourage happy and healthy conversations. Any conversation and personal jokes that can harm healthy conversations including but not limited to religion, faith, food, a person’s physique, gender, social or economic status should be avoided and contained.
  2. We expect decency in behavior. Any abuse verbal or physical will be considered seriously and would cause immediate removal and no amount will be returned.
  3. Do not throw food, plastics, paper, etc anywhere except the allocated garbage bags. 
  4. Consumption of Alcohol & tobacco: Sorry! No alcohol consumption on tour. If you have to smoke please keep a distance from other group members. Please, No smoking in the hotel rooms and in the Jungle. 
  5. Tour cost does not include special purchases in terms of items or services. We will cooperate with those who like to go for it [excludes items like Alcoholic Beverages, Smoke] if it does not disturb group activities and schedule.