Post Processing Workshop

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All about the Post Processing Workshop.

An extensive workshop that deals with the basics of photography post-processing techniques, workflow, working on your own images, and making them ready for print.



  1. Learn RAW Processing from Lightroom/Camera RAW
  2. Photoshop Workflow [using layers, adjustment layers for non-destructive editing]
  3. Fundamental Understanding about Digital Photo Editing Terminologies
  4. A lot of practice on some of our specially selected images
  5. Process your own images with us, to print and display on the web
  6. Do’s and Don’ts during photography processing



**Basic understanding of Photography is preferred.

**Have taken pictures


Participants Bring:

  1. Laptop with Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC installed [Available for Trial for 7 days on]
  2. 20-40 of their best-selected images are clicked by them to process
  1. Day 1 Photoshop Processing
    1. Essential Post Processing Techniques;

    Bring in the punch to your image with: Contrast and brightness with levels and curves, white balance adjustment, Color Saturation Noise Reduction, Sharpening, Refining the composition – cropping, Deciding the Aspect Ratio, Correcting the tilted horizon line

    1. Photo retouching;

    Spot healing and cloning, Removing Blemishes/spots, Cleaning up your image, Fixing up the red eye, Dodging and burning

    1. Fixing the Lens Issues;

    Barrel distortion, Chromatic Aberration, Removing/reducing the black corners (Vignetting), Perspective Correction Soften a photo’s background using Gaussian blur.

    1. Preparing your image for Web upload;

    Setting up the correct profile, image size, making canvas, creating a border, and imprinting copyright information

    1. Preparing an image for printing;